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objection is a runtime mobile exploration toolkit, powered by Frida, built to help you assess the security posture of your mobile applications, without needing a jailbreak.


pip3 install -U objection

Patching an APK

objection patchapk --source app-release.apk


You might need to use the flag --skip-resources if there is an error while rebuilding the APK.

Explore APK

First you will need to start the Frida server (either you patched the APK to run Frida when starting or you previously started the Frida's server).

objection -g com.package.package explore

Disable SSL Pinning

android sslpinning disable

Early Instrumentation

objection explore --startup-command 'android sslpinning disable'
objection explore --startup-script ssl-pinning.js

List activities

android hooking list activities com.package.package

List classes

android hooking list classes

Simple hooks for each Class method

android hooking generate simple <class name>

Launch Activity

android intent launch_activity com.package.package.class.NameActivity

Hook return_value

android hooking set return_value com.package.package.paywall.PayWallStorageImpl.retrievePayWallIsOpen true

Making a patch permanent

objection patchapk -s UnCrackable-Level1.apk -c gadget -l root.js
  "interaction": {
    "type": "script",
    "path": ""
Java.perform(function() {
    var c = Java.use("sg.vantagepoint.a.c");
    c.a.implementation = function(v) { return false; }
    c.b.implementation = function(v) { return false; }
    c.c.implementation = function(v) { return false; }