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Extract the DLLs then use ILSpy:

Step 1:

  • Mac) Install Visual Studio for Mac ( It has MonoDevelop, all .NET tools, a full IDE, etc...
  • Windows) Install Visual Studio or any other way to get the "dotnet" command line tool.
  • Linux) Get the "dotnet" command line tool.

Step 2:

Go to a Terminal prompt and type dotnet tool install ilspycmd -g to install the official ilspy command line version.

Global tools are installed in the following directories by default when you specify the -g or --global option:

OS Path
Linux/macOS $HOME/.dotnet/tools
Windows %USERPROFILE%\.dotnet\tools

Step 3:

Read usage instructions here: It is very simple. Most of the time you just run it with ilspycmd -p -o <folder> <dll file> to decompile to an output folder and make a buildable project file (that is what -p does).